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D'Arcy-Ed Day 2

Tuesday, June 13, 2006 5:57 AM

Wow, the organizers of D'Arcy Ed have outdone themselves this morning! Cold pizza and office coffee...awesome!!! I've never had a breakfast this good at a conference EVER!

We got some free CD handouts this morning too! I came to my morning session (a continuation of yesterday's session) to find a free copy of the Compaq Quick Restore System Recovery disks for the Evo N800c series of laptops...which just totally happens to be the one I use at work! I'm really looking forward to seeing how my system will work once I reformat everything to the default specs and spend my entire evening updating windows. Hopefully it fixes that annoying issue with one of my two USB hubs dropping out every so often.

We're getting ready for the morning keynote where some project lead is going to try and motivate us to work harder and faster in our developer environments. Apparantly the conference organizers have invited some customer-type people to come in and see exactly what the conference is all about, and they want to leave a good impression (I'm guessing that these people are financial sponsors of the conference somehow).

Anyway, off to the next session. I'll blog more later, but let me tell you something: those over-hyped cappucino bars they have at Tech Ed got NOTHING over a good pot of Foldgers!



# re: D'Arcy-Ed Day 2

Don't diss the coffee man. Its all I have to hold onto in the morning. 6/13/2006 8:14 AM | Boomer

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