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D'Arcy-Ed Day 1

Monday, June 12, 2006 7:28 AM

I pulled up to the venue for D'Arcy-Ed this morning after getting my breakfast: a beautifully cooked poached egg on a thick slice of grilled ham, aged cheddar cheese, and a toasted muffin.

The first keynote of the day was with a local project team discussing the latest and greatest features that would be added to a current project. There's going to be a demo at 3:00pm here at D'Arcy-Ed where the new features are going to be shown and anyone with access to the VSS database will be able to download this new CTP.

This morning is a session showing off a data-centric architecture using datasets as the main entity transmission container. I'm more of an object guy, but I think I can follow this alright.

There's another session just a desk over going on about writing COM+ add ins for Office 2003...poor kid.

I wonder what they're going to serve us for lunch...I heard they brought in some sandwhich artists in...or maybe some high-quality chinese food (I just LOVE those styrofoam containers they serve it in! So high class...)

But I need to get back to my session...this conference is going to be awesome! I'm SO glad I'm here and not at Tech Ed.




# re: D'Arcy-Ed Day 1

That's so freaking hilarious .... who ever thought that bitterness can be so funny.

Maybe someone will take pity and send you to TechEd next year. 6/12/2006 9:11 AM | Jason Row

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