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Heading into Day 3 of Dev Teach

Tuesday, May 9, 2006 8:48 PM

Well, technically its just day 2, but counting the UG Summit, Wednesday is Day 3.

I blogged a bit earlier about the night before, so this is more of a recap for today in general.

I was really looking forward to Derek Hatchard's talk on Open Source vs Team System for testing and building, but I heard he had a bout of the flu so it was cancelled (I saw him around later on in the day, so I hope you're feeling better man).

Instead, I checked out Beth Massi's talk on datasources and databinding. Great session on how to properly perform databinding to controls while keeping your business objects or datasets layered properly.

Next up was Cathi Gero's presentation on Debugging Smart Clients. Cathi took us on a tour of all things debugging within VS 2005, and I'd recommend everyone go through her slide deck from the presentation...tonnes of great tips and how-to's that take debugging beyond the break point.

Rick Strahl knows an amazing amount of asp.net under the hood. Understanding how the application pools work and the relationship between ASP.NET and IIS is something all web devs should get their heads around.

And finally, I finished my day of sessions with another one by Cathi Gero, this time on SQL Server Express. With the new advanced tools available, there's no reason why anyone wouldn't use that instead of Access or MySQL.

So that was my day. After that, Jean-Luc took us for some authentic Montreal Smoked Meat sandwhiches. Unreal the amount of meat that was on these things...very very good. Afterwords, we (and when I say 'we', I mean Rob, Nolan, Jason, Jen, Chris, and Donald) went to Old Montreal, where we walked around and made it obvious that we were tourists, then settled in at a local pub and watched the hockey game...although we left before overtime was done...and I should really check to see who won.

So that was today...good times for sure.



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