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Table-less Web Pages and Steelers Superbowl Champs

Sunday, February 5, 2006 8:23 PM

If the Falcons weren't going to win the Superbowl this year, I'm glad it was the Steelers. Bill Cowher definately deserved it, as did Bettis. The Seahawks...its too bad that they had to be the losers in this game, but they just didn't make the plays and afterwards I was really impressed that they all gave props to the Steelers and took the loss like men...class acts all the way.

I'm trying to do something different with my personal website. I'm going to try and implement it as much as possible without tables. Instead, areas will be defined using div's and CSS classes. So far, so good. I'll post the url once I have a bit moe working in it.



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