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My name is David Jacobus I am a former teacher of Computer Science and Mathematics, who is now working full time as a SharePoint Consultant! I have raced off-road motorcycles for 30+ years! I have fallen in love with Glamis and the Dune experience the last few years! My friends like to say: Jake, with age comes the cage! I suppose that is because at Glamis I use a Razor XP 900! Which has a full roll cage!

David Jacobus SharePoint Consultant

I have been working with Silverlight 2 and its integration into SharePoint and I am a convert!  I had thought that this was an application that would change the face of the internet!  I just kind of browsed it while it was in its 1.0 stage and now I am a confirmed Silverlight advocate!  I had a web part that I built that was an ad rotator with lost of business process on the server.  You know the kind of rules:

1.  GoLiveDate

2.  ExpireDate

3.  SortOrder

4.  LinkURL

5. Approved!

6.  More!

Not hard to do on the server but then prior to Ajax some kind of javascript need to be invoked which ran the automatic ad rotator!  A lot of work and coorination between server side code and javascript!  In Silverlight this is a trivial operation all in C# with a CAML Query!  I wish I could go an update all that cludgy code I created in the past without Silverlight!  A web part that took days before cab be built in a few hours!  In my next post, I will show how to build this ad rotator for a SharePoint List .


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