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In my company, I've been able to join various projects over the years.  As a result, I'm usually modifying or adding to legacy code.  Of course, in reality, all code is legacy code after about a week.
In looking at code (written by others as well as myself) I sometimes see bad coding practices.  These are always obvious in hindsight. 
In the spirit of blogging, I'm going to share these as CodeGaffes.   Look to understand the reason why these are bad, as well as how to fix or avoid them.  In a sense, these are like design patterns, only in miniature.  By and large, they apply to all three languages, C#, Java, and C++.
Hopefully you can be amused (as you recognize them) or instructed (by avoiding them).
I am certainly not the first (nor the last) to point out these coding problems.  You can find them mentioned elsewhere in blogs and books, I'm just pulling some of them together.
Feel free to add comments, whether you agree or not.  And, of course, we all love to hear war stories where you've seen the effects of such gaffes. 
Sparkling code - this is what you strive for.  Stuff to be proud of.

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Just stumbled across your blog via Jeff Stong's blog ( -- very good stuff here. Subscribed! :-)
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