SSAS: T-SQL Equivalent for a Many-to-Many relationship

This question came a while ago now in this SSAS forum thread: What is wrong in my query and I thought it was something that may interest other people.

Basically it boiled down to trying to find a T-SQL equivalent to the following MDX which is querying a dimension with a many-to-many relationship to the measure.

So given the following simple MDX query, what would be the equivalent in SQL?


  measures.[Internet Sales Amount] on 0
  , [Sales Reason].[Sales Reasons].[Reason Type].Members on 1
FROM [Adventure Works]


Well, what I came up with was the following where I ended up effectively joining to the fact table twice. I don't know about you, but I'd rather write the MDX version any day. :)


FROM FactInternetSales f
    SELECT DISTINCT salesOrderNumber, SalesOrderLineNumber, D.SalesReasonReasonType
    FROM [dbo].[DimSalesReason] AS dim
    INNER Join dbo.FactInternetSalesReason isr
        ON dim.SalesReasonKey = isr.SalesReasonKey 
) m2m
    on f.SalesOrderNumber = m2m.SalesOrderNumber 
    And f.SalesOrderLineNumber = m2m.SalesOrderLineNumber 
GROUP BY m2m.SalesReasonReasonType


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