Edward Melomed is Blogging

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Edward is Program Manager for Analysis Services and is very active on the Analysis Services forum and he has just started a blog at http://www.sqljunkies.com/WebLog/edwardm/. He has a great first post on connectivity problems which is a recurring theme in the forum and newsgroup.

Welcome to blogging Edward!

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Hi Edward,

We had this scenario.
We use Analysis Services 2005, ETL (SSIS Packages) where all the tables are loaded incrementally by stored procedures.

This incremental Job is scheduled for every 15 mins (both the fact tables and dimesion tables will get changed).

Proactive caching is also enabled for the cube. (SQL Server Notification) - default setting.

Now I need to schedule the proactive caching to happen after the incrmental load load completes

Now do i control this.

Please send me your reply to balajikkrishnan@lycos.com

Thanks in advance.

Left by balaji on Aug 21, 2006 10:16 PM

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That was an inspiring post,

i read the post, it is very interesting,


keep up the good work

Thanks for writing about it

Left by web development on Oct 16, 2009 8:47 PM

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