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The saga continues, with a happy ending!!

I got home today and found out that the FedEx guy managed to get my Tablet over to the local FedEx Kinkos today after all. I zipped over there, anxious to get my package.  At first I was a bit worried because the guy couldn't find it, but eventually he handed me a rather beatup looking box and had me sign for it.

Not feeling very confident, I took the box and went home. After cutting off all the tape, I get the box open and find my tablet (and it was the same machine... geekswithblogs sticker and all) and a service slip. I read the slip about 4 times and never could figure what they fixed, but whatever they did it seems to have worked.

One thing they obviously did was slick the hard drive. Upon booting up my nice clean shiny tablet, I had to finish the Win XP Tablet Edition install. It's been running for the last 8 hours now and no sign of overheating or battery problems. 

Man, I had forgotten just how long a clean install of Wow & Burning Crusade takes... we're talking hours.  Guild Wars took a while too, but not AS long. Still the laptop is chugging along nicely and not getting nearly as hot as before.

So, a BIG THANK YOU to MPC for fixing my tablet and to Cleora in customer service for going WAY beyond the call of duty to get it back to me intact.

And of course, today was Boy #1's birthday... so we let him pick where we went for dinner while the tablet was chugging away on WoW patches. Naturally, he chose Fuddruckers. Good call. Posted on Wednesday, February 20, 2008 1:38 AM General Interest | Back to top

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