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Chris G. Williams Beware: I mix tech and personal interests here.
So I've been thinking about applying a license to HA! (there currently isn't one at all)

Unfortunately, not being able to speak legalese with any degree of proficiency, I have a few questions about licenses. I've never really followed them and for the most part I don't know anything about their differences.

A recent post to R.G.R.D mentioned looking at and I did, but I still don't really get it. I haven't found anything that just summarizes the different open source licenses in simple layman terms.

So more reading... and this excellent question popped up in R.G.R.D: Does the license I release under ever affect what I, as the copywrite holder of my code, can do with it later? Can I use my own code that I've GPL'ed and include it in code of mine that has another license, or even (my own) proprietary code?

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks gang! Posted on Sunday, May 29, 2005 5:58 PM Game Development , General Interest | Back to top

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