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So it's time to actually deploy a real anti-virus vendor here at the office.  We've run out of our free one year trial of CA e-Trust.  So we closed our eyes, and of the vendors which support all of the stuff we need (ISA Server, SharePoint, Exchange, Windows) we threw darts.  Symantec got the dart and what a ride it has been. 

First was the challenge of testing the client installation.  Got to love the developers for forgetting that processes can hang and the user needs to be informed during installation. As it turns out, Symantec Anti Virus and ISA Server 2004 Firewall Client can potentially clash - the result being an unexplained hang in the installation (underneath the savinst.exe process is toast).  So I've got that fixed and now it's on to trying to get LiveUpdate to see the real world. 

Next problem requires me to disable the Windows Firewall on each of the desktops - not a recommendation I would expect from a security vendor, but we continue.  Finally with the client installed it looks like it's time to install the server product.  We'll be venturing into that world this weekend. 

But first before I break open the box it turns out Symantec has no support for ISA Server 2004 - the product I received only supports ISA Server 2000.  Hello, retro?  Why don't we just install Proxy Server 2.0 for all it matters.  The kicker is that I did research the product specs and I overlooked that they were very vague about system requirements with “Microsoft ISA Server, SP1“ as their requirement.

So the fun continues and I'm sure I'll have many more items to share on the joys of antivirus deployment. Maybe I should start a blog on poor user experience design.

Posted on Friday, January 20, 2006 6:22 PM Infrastructure | Back to top

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