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I've got the last of the game errors I was planning on addressing fixed, so now I'm just play testing and tweaking the game difficulty a bit. I also spent some time tonight cleaning up the project and removing those classes that I no longer use and I cleaned up some of my unused graphic files from the project directory.

The only remaining floating (and concerning) issue is a weird texture issue I've experienced when testing the game on another computer, but I'm not sure what to do about it. All my other textures work the same on this computer, but the Jellyfish texture positioning information is incorrect. This means that the rectangles the code grabs to use for a texture on each of the Jellyfish sprites is off so you kind of see half of two on top of what should be one jellyfish sprite. I'm going to spend a little more time looking into that tomorrow, I'm guessing it might be related to the difference in graphics cards, resolution or maybe how an image of that particular dimensions is interpreted by that graphics card. Bummer to see that so late in the game, but I should have expected it.

I'm crossing my fingers that the majority of the people that look at the project don't get a lot of (or any) texture anomalies like that but I just didn't have the resources or time to do a lot of play testing on other computers or video cards. I can only hope that my computer is the average so that most people will get the same results I did when they start playing and tinkering with my project. Come on Managed DirectX, don't fail me now!

As much fun as I've had working on this project for the last month and a half, I'm glad it's nearing the end because I'm feeling just a wee bit tired. I've got a project that is wrapping up at work as well so it's been pretty intense there during the day for the last month. Then I come home and pound away on this game project until the late hours of the night (I'm normally an in bed by 10pm guy, but for this project I've been trying to stay up till midnight (big thanks to wifey for the coffee and encouragement to continue to make that happen since I often just felt like falling asleep). June is also an extremely busy month for my family (lots of birthdays (no, I mean like LOTS), weddings, anniversaries, etc.) so I'm definitely looking forward to having my nights back for a bit.

Part of me just wants to submit my game tonight and be done, but I'm going to try and clean the code up some more over the next couple of days and make sure my comments still make sense. Plus, I guess I should take one more look at that texture problem. I guess I can push on for a few more days.

I've been following everybody's progress since the contest start (did you notice the contestant link list on the left?) and I have to say there are quite a few nice looking games coming out. I'm really looking forward to seeing how other people did things. Keep up the good work guys. We're there, just don't forget to hit submit on Friday ;)

Posted on Tuesday, June 27, 2006 7:37 PM GWB Game Design Challenge | Back to top

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