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As a hiring manager for a recent project I found reviewing someone's blog extremely useful and efficient.  More efficient than rummaging through a few thousand on-line resumes on Monster.  I couldn't agree more with Robert Scoble's comment; “I found it greatly helped out the interviewing process cause we could talk about deeper things and skip the "getting to know your personality" part of things.”

I chose my senior developer on my current project because I liked what I saw on his blog.  In fact, I read his blog before I even called him.  I have to admit I felt like I was stalking him a bit, but it really did allow us to skip the “getting to know you” stuff.  I knew what he was interested in and I knew the technology he had experience with.  Ironically, I don't even think I saw a resume.  The blog, a personal interview and a tech review and I knew I had the right candidate.

Regarding some of the comments Ivan Tribble made in the article that Robert refers to, I think there is a very important lesson for bloggers.  A lesson that was imparted to me by the aforementioned hire and my personal blogging mentor.  Keep separate blogs.  If you want to talk about your darkest inner most desires, passions, or dislikes DO IT!  Just don't do it in your professional blog space.

There also needs to be some self censorship in your professional blog.  You might feel very strongly about a shoddy product, service or the like that is very pertinent to your field of work.  Nonetheless, a “Rant” is quite unprofessional.  You can make the same point about your displeasure in a way that does not reflect negatively on you or your intellect.  By blogging you are exposed, you are eternally “On Stage”.  So don't embarrass yourself.  Be professional.

Oh yeah, as your 4th grade teacher taught you... proof read before you click the “Post“ button.  Spell checking wouldn't hurt either.

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