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I have an old Toshiba that has no optical drive.  To install Win7, I needed a bootable USB stick.  Here are the basic steps

0. Download Win7

1. Get a USB stick – need a 4 gig one here – the ISO is about 2.5 GIG

2. Format the USB as NTFS (use quick – no need for sector check) – it MUST be NTFS

3. Run DISKPART from an elevated command prompt

4. Make the new USB volume “ACTIVE”

5. Extract the Win7 ISO somewhere (not the USB) – you can use ImgBurn, IsoBuster, WinRar or some tool that can extract direct from an ISO – or mount with Daemon tools or similar, then copy the files from there.  We need to extract first as we’ll need to run a quick program off of the Win7 ISO

6. On the recent Win7 extract, change to the BOOT subdirectory

7. Run BOOTSECT /NT60 <targetDrive:>

       where , <targetDrive> is the drive the USB stick is mounted as….

8. Copy all the files from step 5 above to the ROOT of the USB stick (with subdirectories of course)

Now, you may be able to skip step 5 copying files across and running BOOTSECT directly – I hadn’t but doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work. Tags: ,,
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# re: Making a Win7 Bootable USB device.
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I applaud you for showing this very simple steps to make a Windows 7 USB Bootable.

I have installed Windows 7 RC on my Samsung NC10 - and im impressed at both the speed of the USB installation and Windows 7 itself.

I've used traditional drive-based installation, even for Windows 7 and I must say, this has been an extremely welcoming experience to use USB to install Windows 7. (i had a previous trial using USB drive to install Ubuntu Hardy Heron)

Finally, I will make sure, my friends are aware that I've used the information garnered from your site to install on my Samsung NC10. :)

twitter: @mhisham
Left by Mohd Hisham on May 19, 2009 10:06 PM

# re: Making a Win7 Bootable USB device.
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can you please describe how to set Volume active with diskpart?


Left by Omid on Aug 01, 2009 5:51 AM

# re: Making a Win7 Bootable USB device.
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Use the active command to set the current in-focus partition to "active." This setting informs the firmware that the partition is a valid system partition. Diskpart does not validate the partition contents.
Left by cicorias on Aug 01, 2009 5:41 PM

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