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Well, Verizon seems to be high jacking the search part of my web experience.  And this is not just failed DNS lookup - these are 404 errors (not found) as well.

Which to me is really going to screw up support for all.  I can see my 77 year Old Mother complaining that some web site that I know exists seems be lost in the ether when the "Can find - did you mean" crappy Yahoo search results comes back. 

Really BAD Verizon - Wake UP!!!!

You can work-around it by changing the auto-assigned DNS servers in your router.  That means you need to switch to static DNS and using the known dynamically assigned static DNS ip addresses, you just up the last octet by 1

So, in my configuration shown below my new "static" DNS servers would be and respectively - and to be sure "ping" the addresses or do a lookup with nslookup or a similar tool.  You want to make sure they're listening or you'll have more frustrations.  I had at first, used 13 as the final octet - didn't ping and no lookups worked...


Instructions here:

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