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Ryan Dunn points out on his blog how to install ADAM on Vista.  Basically, the installer chokes.

His approach is to install on a different machine (not Vista), then copy the files over, registry change, run the admininsall.exe, then import the LDIF schema's you want.

One thing you can also do is use 7-Zip to extract the "ADAM" directory from the installer, then just start from step 2 on Ryan's list - saves a bit of time if you don't have another VM handy.

Here's Ryan's list repeated.

  1. << Extract using 7-Zip >>
  2. Copy the %WINDIR%\ADAM folder that is created to your Vista machine to the same location.
  3. Create a new registry key called HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ADAM_Shared
  4. Under this key, create a new Multi-String value called "SharedFolders"
  5. Now, run adaminstall.exe from your %WINDIR%\ADAM directory and follow the wizard.  Do not import any LDIF files.
  6. Finally, run ldifde.exe for each import you wanted to have in step #5.  The correct command line arguments to use are listed at the top of each .ldf file.

Thanks to Ryan for the clarity on the installation steps.

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