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Well yesterday's bad reporting is clarified by the Skype team.  As for the root cause the Skype team squarely assumes the responsibility and doesn't point any fingers at other vendors for issues they just didn't test or code for in the scenario.  From the blog:

We don’t blame anyone but ourselves. The Microsoft Update patches were merely a catalyst — a trigger — for a series of events that led to the disruption of Skype, not the root cause of it. And Microsoft has been very helpful and supportive throughout.

It's so easy just when things don't go as expected in support of a system, or in use of a system to just stand up and scream at the first thing that you "think" it might be.  It takes more intelligent people and cooler heads to take a step back, analyze the situation, look for and find the root cause.  So many times I've seen developers, architects, project managers, etc., when things aren't working right they want to get the vendor on the phone.  Call Microsoft or PSS - we can't get this thing working (usually PSS is a terrible time suck too unless you've got the eggs lined up).

The reality is, you've probably missed something and if you take a look back things, start a root cause analysis which is usually bottoms up unless something just sticks out like a sore thumb -- sometimes that means checking the power switch.

I can recall years ago when I worked for a division of SunGard (called DML at the time) and the president of the group comes running into our area (the pit where all us developers were).  MY MACHINE IS RUNNING SLOW!!! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENDED.

The first thing out of a Elias' mouth, a co-worker, was he probably caught a virus either on the Stock trading boards or porn sites (our president was renowned for doing nothing and just sitting in his office trading stocks - this was at the height of the bubble around 1999 - amongst other things.)  So Elias took a stab at it.  Spent quite some time.

Finally, Elias asked me to take a look. So first thing I did was reboot the system and take a look at some of the Bios settings.  Not sure why I did that, but if some smart guy just spent an hour+ looking around Windows settings, etc. and couldn't find something, I figure it's something at a bit lower level.

When the Bios settings appeared I started scanning.  Back then, Bios used to have a compatibility setting to run the processor at 4.77 MHz instead of what the CPU was truly capable of.  Not sure what the speed was then, but certainly in excess of 4.77.  How'd it get to that setting?  I don't ask when the user, the president of the group, is spending all his time on porn sites, trading stocks, and checking his portfolio.

The Microsoft connection clarified - Heartbeat

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