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Looks like the 1.2 Mbps downstream / 0.7 Mbps upstream that I had tested about a week+ ago was an early indication of some changes Verizon announced today.

They had been rolling out a network update to Rev. A of EV-DO, expected to be completed by the end-of-year, but given the iPhone announcement they stated it was completed.

Verizon Upgrades EV-DO Net

AT&T and iPhone got the buzz, but Verizon's EV-DO customers got a network speed boost.,133625-c,cellphones/article.html#

However, they still don't have the iPhone.  Nothing can take the fact away that the iPhone is a revolution in consumer products (cell, mp3, pda, video, camera, etc.).  Apple has done a great job of taking a bunch of other capabilities, rolling into one, integrating it into iTunes, making it god awfully simple (with setup, user experience, and sleekness).

The inductive user interface, which shows you just the things you can to do at the moment they could ever possible happen is fantastic.  Not a new idea, but Apple has packaged it, made it fast, and the use of graphic icons that make sense make the device shine.

I do want one - just don't want the AT&T network....  I'll continue with my iPhone envy for a while and live off my Q at least until that damn 2 year contact expires...

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