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If you're having issues downloading from MSDN Subscriptions the following steps cleared it up for me.  I had the issue over the past several days.  So, I tried MSDN support and in the end they were of no help. First they said I was the only person with the problem.  Then, after I pushed them, the support person contacted her supervisor who confirmed that others were having the issue. 

So, these steps cleared it for me:

1. Control Panel -> Uninstall -> FTM File Transfer manager

2. In IE -> Tools -> Manage Addins -> Enable/Disable -> Downloaded ActiveX Controls -> Highlight the "DLC Class" component and delete it

3. Ensure in "%SystemRoot%\Downloaded Program Files\DLC Class" is no longer there.  If it is, you need to kill it.

4. Go to site download and install the latest client.

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I am having the same damn problem, I'm gonna try this...
Left by Rey on May 27, 2007 3:26 PM

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