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 I've been running FireFox 2.0 for some time and have noticed way too many Freeze-ups causing me to kill the process somehow.

Funny thing is, when Vista's Crash Analysis comes back it indicates that "Firefox has a new version" - but when I check for new versions from within Firefox it comes back indicating I have the latest.

So, disabling some of the extensions that come with Firefox seems to have done the trick.

Generally, I run Google Toolbar & Google Browser Sync.  I also checked yes on installing both the DOM Inspector and Talkback.

So, I started out with all disabled - No lockups.

Then, just turned back on the 2 Google extensions (can't live without em). Still no lockups.

So, I've disabled Talkback and DOM Inspector and all is good.  You'd think that the core extensions that the Mozilla team distributes with the browser would be the most tested.  My guess is Google's are just becuase of the deeper pockets.

Posted on Sunday, December 17, 2006 8:54 AM | Back to top

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I also experience several system freezes with Firefox on Vista. This seems to be the new security feature of Vista, which freezes the entire system, when a program accesses a security relevant area in an unapproved way. I figured out, the system freezes, when I try to access an HTTPS page.

So Firefox freezes Vista, when it tries to use SSL. The deactivation of SSL in the Firefox options prevented the "crashs". So for SSL sites I use Internet Explorer now.
Left by sam_macao on Feb 08, 2007 5:55 AM

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