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Been working with, and did quite a few demos during my short stint with Microsoft, VS 2005 Db Pro. The tool is Microsoft's 1st real entry into bringing the Database team into the Visual Studio experience. So, if anyone believes that DB Projects in VS as they exist prior to DB Pro were real tools, I'm suggesting you take a look at this immediately. The tool takes advantage of Per User Instancing of SQL Express in the design time part of using the Tool. So, all validation is done direct against a working version of SQL 2005 (SQL Express in a User Instance).

It also has nice schema and data comparison tools, along with data generation, and integration with the testing tools as part of Team Suite. The DB tests actually provide a nice abstraction layer over the C#/VB.NET code underneath the test. So, DB Administrators, developers, testers don't have to know C#/VB.NET to write tests. The following is from the MSDN Site:

Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals delivers a market shifting database development product that provides a foundation for managed database evolution through the use of an offline, visual studio project-centered source code control system together with a suite of tools designed to streamline database changes and help understand the impact of proposed changes. Schemas, DML and metadata can be versioned, unit tests can be created and executed to ensure quality, and comparisons can be made with test and production systems prior to deployment. Integration with Team Foundation Server helps increase the productivity of the database professionals by enabling them to become an integral part of the application team.

With Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals users can:

•    Take control of database change by leveraging an offline, version-controlled representation of the database which is the one true version of the database schema

•    Improve software quality by automating database testing using integrated unit testing and data generation features

•    Be more productive when making changes to the database using powerful T-SQL and refactoring tools

•    Deploy incremental updates using powerful comparison, build and deploy functionality for the database

•    Improve collaboration and communication between all team members through integration with Team Foundation Server

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