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Having once been a Blackjack dealer in Atlantic City, I can say I’ve never gambled online at any Internet Gambling sites.  Now it seems I may have missed my chance.

I personally don’t think Internet Gambling is wrong and I also agree with the conclusion that this will lead to rise of unscrupulous providers as opposed to publicly traded, regulated, and monitored businesses.  This is the wrong approach.

One thing is certain, if you make a vice illegal, those that want it will get it.  Those that provide it will become vast criminal enterprises leaving many victims in their path.

The right approach is to bring it into the fold of government oversight and taxation.  The taxes then go to regulatory oversight and for gambling, programs such as Gamblers Anonymous.  Surely the cost of the regulatory oversight and other taxes would be far less than the cost to society if it’s run underground. - New legislation may pull the plug on online gambling.

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