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Re: Rules Driven UI using WF.

Someone I used to work with @Avanade (Al) called me yesterday asking about some WCF security stuff.  We got onto Workflow and he started asking questions about how to leverage the WF Rules engine from outside of the Workflow runtime. 

Al, in the past, had leveraged the BizTalk rules engine from outside of BTS Orchestration on a few projects.  This is a common question and the market is usually looking for Rules engines that can be leveraged in other applications.

So, I didn’t have the answer for him when we were on the phone, but did some investigation and looking through some of the samples I did find a way to inject (update) my own rules. 

Then, this morning I found this great video on Channel9 that does a walkthrough of using the Rules engine from a Winform application along with a pointer of a nice demo application that provides Rules editing (hosting the Rules designer).

Rules Drive UI using WF

Demo for Above

External Ruleset Demo (using SQL Server for Rule persistence)


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