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With SQL 2005 & ASP.NET 2.0 Microsoft added a great feature that provides a non-polling cache invalidation mechanism.  Then there’s the non-polling capability too.

Generally, with the polling method, you need to run a few setup steps to extend the table you’ll be polling with a trigger.  Then, the framework itself, using configuration file settings polls the table (stub table not the original) for changes.

However, with SQL 2005, the framework leverages Service Broker and notification to a subscribed .NET listener. 

So, I’m setting up some demos and by default using Windows Integrated authentication.  First, I’m using a notebook that’s part of a domain that I’m not currently logged onto nor have access to (long story there, but it’s time to rebuild that notebook).

With that I run into all sorts of authorization issues about not finding security information for the user, etc, etc. blah, blah.

So, easy fix, just switch the connection string from using integrated to good old SQL Server authentication with the ‘sa’ account.  Now, I’m not suggesting this is the “production” way, nor that it doesn’t work with a windows principal, it’s just making my life easier by not having to step through a bunch of configuration steps that are documented.



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