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Today, the Verizon installer got FIOS up & running at my home.  So far, for $35/month (compared to $50/mo. with my previous provider) the upstream is right @ 10Mbit/sec and downstream 1.9Mbit/sec.  This is about a 25% increase compared to my previous provider.

Now, I may have had better throughput with the old provider if I had upgraded my Cable Modem to a DOCSIS 2.0 version.  I had an old SB4100 that’s been around for 5+ years.  Could’ve been the bottleneck.  Don’t know, and don’t care at this point.

Later in the year Verizion is supposed to offer Digital TV over the same fiber.  Currently both Voice & Data are running on the fiber and I have to admit compared to the copper connection, this one’s crystal clear.

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