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For those of you working with simple Xml over Http services, WCF has support for what’s called POX (Plain Old Xml) as part of the July CTP.

This question comes up many times when I talk to both architects and developers.  Many point to the fact that they either have very simple services running for some time or all they need is an Xml payload to be serviced on a request/response exchange pattern over Http.

With WCF and POX support, you now have the ability to work with that pattern either with legacy of future services, but also get you the productivity features of .NET, WCF, and VS.NET.  That is, “dot” member access to de-serialized objects with the framework itself handling transport and serialization needs, not to mention all the WCF capabilities that come with future incarnations of your services if you decide to move to more robust capabilities such as reliable, transactions, addressing, or security policy along with the clear abstraction of your service and transport. » Blog Archive » Washing the SOAP from Messages.

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