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Have Data Will Travel : Where does Service Broker Fit?.

This is a good “perspective” post on where Service Broker, MSMQ, BizTalk, and WCF fit in architectures.

I was at an MGB (Microsoft Global Briefing)* about 2 years back.  So, the presentation I’m sitting in is on Service Broker.  So, another MSFT guy in the audience asks a question regarding product positioning with BizTalk. 

Well, that exchange turned into a great nasty fight between the 2 MSFT folks with applause coming from the audience when the person asking the question had some nice comments.  The presenter handled it so poorly and was quite nasty about it.

Frankly, the whole Service Broker existence is troubling with something like BizTalk available.  Frankly there’s alot of crap I can get done with Service Broker running on SQL Express to the point who Needs BizTalk.

I really think they should be pushing down the availability of BizTalk to more mass market pricing.  Apparently they are (or will be) as I’ve heard there will be aggressive pricing in the $2K range.

* Note these MGB conferences were open only to Microsoft employees; however, Avanade had a special place under Microsoft (we’re about 20% owned by MSFT) we had opportunities to attend.

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