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VMWare has done a great job of leveraging the community to build ready-to-go Virtual Machines build on Linux core and other open source software.

These are download and start machines that do all sorts of things.  So, if you want to ramp up on some technology this is one way.

Now, for Microsoft, the biggest struggle is the OS licensing cost.  Is really a shame but if Microsoft could get product in trial form out the door and download-able in VM form it would be ideal.  The fact is, they do this already if you’re an MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer).  I have access to all the learning content as I’m an MCT, but the licensing is always a struggle.  They give us a key, but many MCT’s still have problems.

I think over time the OS license issue will diminish or MSFT needs to find out a way to get pre-built VM’s based on VPC or VS of course out there and usable by those that want to “experiment”.

CORRECTION: thanks to Matt – He points out a CRM 3.0 VM in his post: 

Only issue is, it expires 12/31/06…

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