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This is a compelling platform, if it works, and it’s now going open source in hope of garnering a greater number of developers contributing and using.  The DotNetNuke folks have built a DNN administration console based upon this. - CORRECTION - Someone has built an Admin Console; not the DNN folks....

WinForms Over Web (the WOW model) is a revolutionary development & deployment platform made possible by a unique, patented, server based RIA paradigm. The WOW model enables development of rich web applications with WinForms functionality and interactivity using Visual Studio's rich design, coding and debugging features. The technology extends the .NET object model to incorporate AJAX aware WinForms GUI components that are delivered to the browser via Visual WebGui's Empty Client. Visual WebGui's Empty Client approach is similar to Server Based Computing (SBC) models meaning the AJAX client only handles the rendering of the viewable GUI while the server handles the rest. The result is an extremely secure web application with a bandwidth footprint only 1/100th of comparable AJAX/RIA solutions.

Visual WebGui Platform > Home ( DNN 3.1.1 ).

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The DNN folks have done so such thing -- this vendor has done that by himself so don't assume it has any support from the DNN folks.
Left by Anonymous on May 01, 2006 7:50 AM

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