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Chris Canal A Scottish .NET Developer
It's that time of year again, and here's another blog started with the best of intentions!  As with a lot of developers, starting a blog is one of the steps I'm taking to becoming a better developer.  Here are the other steps I'm planning:

  • Start a blog and keep posting
    Tada!  Now to keep posting... :o)
  • Make one substantial blog post/webcast every 2 weeks
    Although I want to post regularly, I also want to write something more like an article every 2 weeks.  These posts will probably be about doing something with code examples/downloads
  • Read a development book a month
    I've kind of already started this one.  I've just finished Practices of an Agile Developer and will be making my way through my Amazon wish list
  • Contribute to an Open Source project
    I've used many Open Source tools and projects, but I've never given back!
  • Mentor other developers
    This is something I’ve always tried to do.  If I find something cool or useful I generally share it.  Just now I’m helping a friend get into TDD/BDD with the hope he will share it with his teams mates at his place of work
  •  Learn another language
    I really want to spend some time this year working with something new and outside my comfort zone, so I’m thinking about developing something with Ruby
  • Become more active in the ALT.NET community
    I’ve been sitting on the side lines since it started taking shape, and I really want to contribute!  Expect to see me at the UK Conference
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