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The MetaWeblog ActiveX component is ready for testing. The download is:
MetaWeblog ActiveX

Here are some examples:

MetaWeblog API VB Example: NewPost
MetaWeblog API VB Example: EditPost
MetaWeblog API VB Example: NewPost with NewMediaObject
MetaWeblog API VB Example: Fetch Post Info
MetaWeblog API VB Example: Upload Changes to Post

More VB examples will be released. Following that, I'll release the Beta for the MetaWeblog .NET component in the next few days. The official release with online documentation will occur a few days following that...

Comments are always welcome. By the way... it seems like MetaWeblog depends entirely on Blogger 1.0 to get the user's blog information. The only way I see to get the blogId for a blog is to use blogger.GetUsersBlogs, which is what blogging clients such as Bloggar and Qumana do when I examine the chatter using the Ethereal protocol analyzer. If I am incorrect, please let me know.
Best Regards, Matt Posted on Friday, September 23, 2005 8:58 PM | Back to top

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