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There's a good article on Tyner Blain about over-engineering your application.  Sometimes you go so far out of your way to please everybody, that you end up pleasing nobody.  I've been on this type of project myself (quite recently, actually), and the results you end up with are never pretty.

The example used there are the Fifteen Ways to Shut Down Vista.

Don't try to please everybody.  Remember that you're the software developer and that the people paying you for your work are paying you for your software expertise.  Do what makes sense from a software perspective, even if it's not what they say they want.  They'll thank you for it later.

Of course, if you're in a consulting environment, this will take client expectation management and client management.  This is why you get paid the big bucks.

Do it right.  Don't just do it.

Posted on Thursday, February 15, 2007 7:25 AM Architecture , Microsoft OS | Back to top

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