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From the Vista blog:

Great news!  Today we’re announcing the release to manufacturing (RTM) of Windows Vista.

Yes, you read it right -- development of Windows Vista is complete.

Want proof?  Watch this video and hear it from Jim Allchin himself.

Yippee.  Call me underwhelmed.  I've beta-tested every Microsoft OS (client and server) since Windows 95.  Most of them I've been very excited about the release and eager to put the RTM version on my computer.  I will wait patiently for Vista.  I'm supposed to be getting a new laptop in January.  I will ask specifically for Windows XP on that.  My impression of Vista comes down to one simple word: bloat.  Perhaps I'm mistaken.  Perhaps it will be the end all and be all of OSes.  There are a few things that I really like, but what I've played around with in the betas is just big and slow.

On the flip-side, I'm very excited about Office 2007, which also went RTM this week.  And this is the first Office release that I've been very excited about since Office 95 (hmmm...same timeframe, odd).  The reason?  The ribbon.  This is the first Office release that offers more in terms of usability, instead of concentrating on adding more and more features that I don't use.

Right now I'm looking forward to Vista SP1.  Maybe I won't be able to get XP on my new laptop and will be forced to use Vista.  Maybe I'll learn then that it's just as cool as the Microsofties say.  If I do, I'll certainly report that.  But for now, I'm definitely in the "wait and see" camp, or maybe just "wait".

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