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Tom Hollander blogs about the results of the voting and their prioritization meetings with a planned feature list for Entlib v3.

Here's the base list:

  • Medium Trust support
  • Manageability extensions for configuration (WMI, Group Policy)
  • Simple Strong-naming
  • Mini-Factory for building your own blocks and providers
  • Validation Application Block
  • Exception Handling: WCF integration (exception shielding / fault mapping)
  • Logging: WCF pipeline integration
  • AuthZ: WCF Pipeline integration

And, as time allows:

  • Config Tool: Embedded in the Visual Studio IDE 
  • DAAB: SQL Everywhere support
  • DAAB: Richer transactions support
  • Docs: More code samples
  • Docs: Detailed documentation for ObjectBuilder
  • DAAB: Batch support
  • Config Tool: Edit AppSettings and other .NET settings
  • Config Tool: Environmental Overrides
  • Config Tool: Encryption Support
  • Config Tool: Improved type loading behavior when assemblies can't be found
  • Logging: Rolling flat file TraceListener
  • Logging: Local or UTC timestamps in formatted log messages
  • Logging: Reflected property tokens
  • Ability to create custom production installs
  • Ability to create custom developer installs
  • Exception Handling: Localization of exception messages
  • DAAB: ODP.NET provider support

The reasoning behind some of the scheduling decisions is explained in the post, but at least now you know what to look forward to.

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2006 5:17 AM .NET Development | Back to top

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