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From the people that brought you ReSharper, comes dotTrace 2.0, which lets you do performance and memory profiling of your .NET app.

What's New:

Memory profiling

With dotTrace 2.0, you can now quickly see what happens with the memory used by your .NET applications. Nine informative views, each tuned to a specific aspect of memory usage, enable you to quickly find memory leaks and optimize memory usage. A memory comparison tool is also provided for viewing the difference between two snapshots taken at two different times within a single session.


Performance profiling enhancements
Performance profiling in dotTrace has been enhanced with a number of new features. Now you can look up Quick Info on any function displaying a summary of function statistics. You can now compare performance snapshots of the same application. Also, multiple filtering options have been added for collapsing filtered calls, recursive calls, and functions consuming 0% of root time.


Other important improvements
dotTrace now handles multiple snapshots, letting you generate two or more snapshots of the same application as you profile it, plus you can now open several snapshots at the same time to compare and contrast them. You can now profile Windows services as you did web applications. And last but not least, dotTrace has been integrated with Visual Studio, allowing you to run dotTrace from Visual Studio as well as navigate from it to files open in Visual Studio.

I've been very impressed with ReSharper, and dotTrace looks like another winner.  The cost is $249 for a single user license, which seems reasonable given that you probably won't need to install it on every workstation for your team.

Posted on Thursday, September 21, 2006 7:28 AM .NET Development | Back to top

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