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The one thing that Sandcastle appears to be missing is an NDoc-like GUI front-end.  Well, here you go.

    • The GUI interface is almost identical to the NDoc interface so anyone familiar with NDoc should be quite comfortable using it.
    • You can import several settings from an existing NDoc project to start a new Sandcastle Help File Builder project.
    • You can import the assembly and documentation file information from a Visual Studio 2003/2005 solution or project file to start a new Sandcastle Help File Builder project.
    • The builder will automatically locate both Sandcastle and the HTML help compilers by looking in the system path and in the Program Files special folder on all fixed hard drives. Properties are also supplied for you to specify the paths in the off-chance that it cannot locate them automatically.
    • The builder can produce an HTML 1.x (.CHM) file or an HTML 2.x (.HxS) file.
    • There is built-in support for documenting multiple assemblies and producing a single-help file for them. The assemblies to document can be executable (.EXE) or library (.DLL) assemblies.
    • The settings are saved in a project file and the help file can be built from within the GUI or you can add a post-build step to a Visual Studio project that runs the command line tool to build it for you using the same project file.
    • The intermediate files used to create the help file are placed in a working folder beneath an output folder of your choosing. They can be automatically removed after a successful build or kept around for further modifications.
    • The build process provides full logging and error handling. All output from the build is stored in a text file in the output folder.
    • Several of the NDoc features that I use most often have been built into the Sandcastle help file builder including:
      • Definition of project summary and namespace summary comments that will appear in the help file. You can also easily indicate which namespaces to include or exclude from the help file.
      • The ability to turn off documentation of attributes.
      • Automatic determination of the default topic for the help file.
      • Inclusion of additional help file content (i.e. your own HTML pages, images, etc). Unlike NDoc, you can also take steps to have the extra HTML pages included in the help file's table of content and indicate which item should be the default page.
      • You have control over the copyright text and e-mail address that appear in the footer of each page.
      • You also have control over the help file name and title.
    • I have added features to let you control the language of the help file. Since I only speak English, those are the only resource files available at the moment. More on that later.
    • Steps have been taken to make the build process fairly open so that you have a chance to customize it without having to modify the code for the builder application itself.
Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2006 11:52 AM .NET Development | Back to top

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