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Expression Web, formerly (and better) named "Sparkle" has moved up from CTP status to Beta status.  Expression Web is Microsoft's attempt at a "Flash killer".  I've seen it in action, and I'm very impressed with it's functionality and how well it fits into the VS 2005 Team System environment.  However, I'm not a Flash developer, so I'm not the correct person to judge its features.  I think that Microsoft has an uphill climb convincing Flash developers (definitely and indepent group) to "go corporate" and start whistling the Microsoft tune. 

I hope they are successful with this and the rest of "Expression" (more on that in a future post), because I've seen the results of designers and Flash people doing their own thing while the .NET developers do their own thing.  You often get a clunky website that is hard to maintain and threatens to burst at every seam (and there are a lot of seams).

You can download the beta here.

Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2006 5:28 AM General | Back to top

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