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As I wrote earlier, I decided to attempt to use Netscape 8.0.  Today I turned it off as my default browser.  But, the folks at Netscape/AOL/Mozilla/Whatever should be proud of themselves.  I kept it as my default browser for 45 days.  That’s about 44 1/2 days longer than I’ve lasted with Netscape for a long long time.

However, it still suffers from bloat, particularly with both the Firefox and IE engines loaded.  I kept waiting and waiting on new themes and extensions, but so far none.  I finally had to resort to loading some of my favorite extensions from Firefox into it, which wasn’t easy and didn’t always work well.  I could never get my tabs to work exactly how I wanted, probably because I couldn’t get the Tabbrowser preferences extension to load.  The other extension that I couldn’t get to work was the “Subscribe in Newsgator” extension.  With these two extensions I might’ve lasted even longer.

I’m keeping Netscape on my machine, and I may go back to it at some point.  I will definitely give it another look when there’s an 8.x (but not an 8.0.x).

So, I’m back to Firefox.  But, I’m curious as to what the IE team can come up with in IE7 to lure me back.  I’m throwing the gauntlet down now.  45 days with Netscape.  Can you beat that?

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Posted on Friday, July 8, 2005 2:21 PM General | Back to top

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