Southwest Florida Code Camp 2010–Windows Phone 7

Announcing Windows Phone 7 track 3rd Annual Southwest Florida .NET Code Camp 2010 -

Here is the schedule for the entire track:

Windows Phone 7 for the Silverlight Developer
Joe Healy

Beginning Windows Phone 7 Using Silverlight
Henry Lee

Design for WP7
Diane Leeper

Push Notification with Windows Phone 7
Jonas Stawski

Windows Phone 7 - Tips & Tricks & Q&A
Kevin Wolf

WP7 Marketplace + Panel + Install Fest
Nikita Polyakov

Hope the final dev tools are working great for you. If you got an app ready for testing, see the last session, we might have devices on hand for you to try them on at this event. RSVP to jhealy (at) Microsoft dot com – to make sure we do out best to get you some time with a device.

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