January 2010 Entries

WM 6.5 SDK with 6.5.3 Emulator Images & Widget Emulator Released
What's new? Well, it's an SDK not DTK, so it's just one download now. Widget Emulator. Finally makes it into the SDK. 6.5.3 Emulator Images are included. Ones with Start&OK/X buttons on the bottom. See and read more here: Windows Mobile 6.5 SDK Overview by Nick Randolph Download directly here. Seems like the download was pre-mature and had some issues and is now pulled. Here is a sample pic from the Emulator showing off the new super finger friendly 6.5.3 Chrome: http://twitpic.com/zeaap Update: ......

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Video - Windows Mobile Train Race 2009 – Seattle to Los Angeles
Hope everyone enjoyed some time off in the last month or two. I sure did! In the last post - Windows Mobile Train Race 2009 – Seattle to Los Angeles - you simply read and saw photos of the event. Now the video series for the contest is now available! To view the videos check out the Windows Mobile Train Race playlist. You get to see what the even is about, who participated, who judged, and what where the projects that were built in less than 36 hours on a bumpy train ride with no desks or silence! ......

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