September 2007 Entries

EU and Microsoft
Don't call me a fan-boy or a what ever your word of the week is for people that seem passionate for Microsoft products and services. I have spend a few hours reading on the EU Rulings regarding Microsoft business in European Union. I am quite disturbed with a few decisions and do not agree with a lot of it's one sided, discriminatory somewhat predative agenda. There are loads of market dominated products and platforms with their own protocols that are never released or published, even at cost. I ......

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Still Alive + Tech Updates
Noticed that I have not blogged for a while. Sorry. I have a few demanding projects at work and a full time course load at the University. All great things, except they do not leave me too much time to write my own web content. Before that I had/still having complications with my wisdom teeth removal. I would normally see things though out the day online, bookmark or email myself, and never end up posting them. I'll work on that in the future. I have been planning a few presentations, I will not ......

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