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I’m preparing for a few presentations I’ll be giving next week at TechDays 09 in Calgary.

For me, preparation starts with the material.  What is it that I’m trying to say and what are the important points I need to make.

Then I do a few dry runs where I go through the slides and demos by myself.  This is usually not an ‘out loud’ preparation but rather just for me to ensure that things flow and I know what NOT to do in my demos.

Lastly, I try to do one or two ‘out loud’ dry runs.  I find this part the hardest.  For some reason I find it uncomfortable to talk to myself out loud.  If possible, it’s best to have someone come over that you can ply with alcohol so you can present to them.  They don’t even need to pay attention, but having a face to talk to that isn’t your own is easier to me.

Any techniques that you other presenters out there use?  I’m always looking for improvement.

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I suggest a 4 step approach.
Step 1: Ask the 6 crucial questions. Why you are presenting? Who is your audience? What is your message in 10 words or less? Where are you presenting? When are you presenting? How are you going to present?
Step 2: Write your script in story format. Make your audience the main character of your story. Your presentation is about them, not you!
Step3: Develop your support materials. If you use PPT, go big on visuals and small on text. Keep it simple. Use space abundantly.
Step 4: Call that friend over and rehearse out loud.

Good luck in cow town.

Left by M.J. Plebon on Nov 18, 2009 5:22 PM

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