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Well, I’m pretty diehard when it comes to supporting Microsoft products and technologies, as many of you know.  However, I’ll admit I’ve been using a combination of IE and Firefox for the past few months.  I wanted to see what all the hype was about.  So, what was it all about?  Not much.

Browsers are browsers.  Is it nice to have tabbed browsing?  Yeah, it’s kind of nice.  Not a big requirement of mine actually, but it’s interesting and proves valuable sometimes.  Security?  Hmmm, well, I run the antivirus, antispyware, anti-evil software utilities I need to and I haven’t yet been plagued by anything malicious.  Of course, I don’t spend as much time as others I know on the sites that are most likely to deliver that kind of malicious payload. J  Nonetheless, I’m a bit clueless as to what the big deal about Firefox is.  Can somebody tell me please?

Really, if it’s the tabbed browsing – then why not use my browser of choice – Maxthon, which enables that (not to mention every Firefox feature and then some) and is built on the industry standard (even though it’s only 89% now) browser – IE.  Have you ever been to a Microsoft technology based site in Firefox and been plagued with problems? (yes, I know…it’s all Microsoft’s fault for not following the antiquated standards that some slow-moving body of molasses created…damn them for innovating!)

Well, I’ve come to the only conclusion any of us can really come to if we think with our rational, objectivist minds…It’s not from Microsoft.  That is the only reason I can come up with for why Firefox has the market share it does.  Think about how ridiculous this is…featured in 5 major tech media articles a day for the last 6 months (Firefox has been – at least) and they still only have a 7% market share!?  So, what does that say?  To me, it doesn’t say – “Woah!  Watch out Microsoft!”  Rather, it only confirms that Microsoft has already so dominated a market that anti-Microsoft proponents are excited by a 7% market share.  As a sales & marketing guy – those results would most likely get me fired!  I guess that is one of those open-source benefits – since nobody benefits, nobody is accountable.  What would any of these same people say if any of Microsoft’s products had only a 7% market share?  Exactly!

So, I’ll go out on a limb here and suggest that it would be really nice if the open source advocates would define terms for success rather than simply jump up and down with joy every time a Microsoft product lost a percentage point of market share.  Better yet, instead of this ridiculous banter, how about they invest time in finding ways to integrate with Microsoft technologies and products to end the war altogether?  Now, that would be truly “open” and that would be impressive.  Hell, I might even download a Linux distro that promised that!


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Which Firefox extensions were you using?

The best part of Firefox in my opinion is the lightweight extensibility model. IE plugins are installed as part of your system; Firefox plugins are JavaScript / XUL based, and very easy to install, upgrade, and uninstall.

My favorites are WebDeveloper, LiveHttpHeaders, UserAgentSwitcher and ColorZilla. If you haven't played with some or most of those, you haven't given FireFox a fair shot.
Left by Jon Galloway on Mar 13, 2005 1:39 PM

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