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Would you believe the Mac from Apple is 25 years old? It's hard to believe the years went by that fast. Back in 1983, I left my job as Director of Educational Programs for a trade association to sell Apple computers in a large chain of computer stores. The Macintosh wasn't around at that time and I sold the Apple IIe pc. In fact, I was the #1 salesman at the AppleFest show that was held in Boston that year.

Many of us started in the computer business working on these pc's. Programming them was even more of a challenge with the limited memory and storage they had. I can remember teaching PASCAL on an Apple and having to compile using three 5 1/4 disks.

Apple has come a long way since that time. Newer products such as the iPhone, iPod have benefited to the success of Apple. Following Steve Jobs career as been interesting as well. I can only wish good health to him and hope he can come back later this year to the company. 


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