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I fulfilled a lifelong dream (or an 8-year long dream anyway), when I appeared (if you can "appear" on a podcast) on the latest .NET Rocks! episode:

Original co-host Mark Dunn was the guest. When Mark was on the show, he used to start off each episode by describing how excited he was to be there, saying things like "I'm hiked up like a prom dress in June!".

The latest published episode was recorded during the .NET Rocks! live weekend in June, when the boys streamed live and took phone calls. I called in just in case Mark had any trouble describing his excitement, with these suggestions:

  • Mark is more excited than Mark Miller with a Red Bull IV drip.
  • Mark is jacked up like an El Camino on concrete blocks in a redneck's front yard.
  • Mark is whipped up like Donald Trump's hair on a windy day.
  • Mark is higher than Willie Nelson on the space station.
  • Mark is pumped up like Carl's inflatable girlfriend.

It's hard to believe that .NET Rocks! has been podcasting for eight years now, and are closing in on 600 episodes!

I've listened to every one of them, and look forward to the next eight years. Thanks, Carl, Richard and Mark for letting me be a small part of it.

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