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I just finished listening to a great .NET Rocks interview with Phil Japikse, where he talked about his experiences working on Hope Mongers, a volunteer-run website that brings charity projects together with donators. “Chief Monger” Sam Henry says:

Whether helping orphans on the other side of the planet or families just around the corner, so much authentic living, learning and feeling flows from the intense human connection that happens when you know you are changing someone’s life. Our goal at HopeMongers is to connect you directly with people and help you find tangible opportunities to make a lasting difference in their lives. Our unique community-centered approach focuses on the holistic, long-term needs of communities so that each project is a step toward achieving self-sufficiency, economic independence, and redemption.

As you connect with people and projects on HopeMongers, we hope to ignite a fire that will inspire you to keep giving – not just from your wallet but from your time, talent, money, gifts, your life. Our vision is to redeem the world’s poorest communities and reclaim the art of personal stewardship through microgiving. This ambitious vision is not one any of us can achieve alone but together we can be the generation that helps humanity to its feet and ends extreme poverty.

It looks like a good way to donate to worthwhile causes and know exactly what’s being done with your contribution.

You can also donate your geek skills, because Hope Mongers is an ASP.NET site, and volunteers are always welcome. To find out how you can help, email


P.S. If you’re in the St. Louis area and looking to make a difference in your community, don’t forget about the Coders 4 Charities event October 16-18:

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