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Brian Schroer Don't Call Me Mort! October 2006 Entries
10-Time World Champions!
I'm old enough to remember the Cardinals winning the World Series in '82, but I don't remember where or with whom I watched it. I don't think I'll ever forget where I was they won the '06 Series, though. I was flying back to St. Louis from the Heartland Developer's Conference in Omaha, and was very disappointed that I wouldn't be able to watch what could be the championship-clinching game. About half an hour before landing at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport (blast American for moving their hub out ......

Posted On Saturday, October 28, 2006 10:15 AM

"taking off momentarily" doesn't "jive"
Sorry to be a grammar Nazi, but I heard the same mistake made in two consecutive presentations at the HDC: "That doesn't jive with me". "Jibe" means "to be in harmony or accord". "Jive" kind of means the opposite. The correct term is "doesn't jibe". A slightly more serious nit-pick: It scares me when flight attendants say "we'll be taking off momentarily". "Momentarily" doesn't mean "in a moment" - It means "for a moment". When my plane is about to take off, my hope is that it will remain airborne ......

Posted On Saturday, October 28, 2006 8:13 AM

Heartland Developers Conference 2006
I'm back home (to St. Louis, home of the world champion Cardinals!) from the Heartland Developers Conference in Omaha. The presentations that were most valuable to me were: "Power Programming with Attributes" - Dave Donaldson "Looking Ahead at C# 3.0" - Andrew Troelsen "Great Library of Common ASP.NET 2.0 Functions and Techniques" - Robert Boedigheimer "Reliable Applications with System.Transactions" - Robert Hurlbut I met Robert Hurlbut on the walk from the hotel to the convention center, and he ......

Posted On Saturday, October 28, 2006 7:43 AM

devLINK 2006 - The Tennessee .NET community rocks!
Many thanks to the organizers and sponsors of the devLINK conference, held in Nashville last Friday. It was well worth the 5 hour drive from St. Louis: big name speakers like Markus Egger, Ken Getz, Billy Hollis, Bill Vaughn, Mark Miller, Eric Sink and Wally McClure great prizes great food - breakfast, lunch and dinner (I've never heard of a conference where they fed you after all of the sessions had ended!) It was all FREE My only complaint was that there were too many good sessions going on at ......

Posted On Wednesday, October 18, 2006 7:27 AM

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