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Magazines like MSDN, CoDE and Dr. Dobb's are for Morts and newbies. Finally, there's a magazine for elite software architects and developers!

Announcing upsw...

upsw magazine

The Journal for Ultra-Pretentious Software Wankers

APRIL 1, 2006 Volume 1 Number 1
  • tUnit - Testing Your Tests: Sure, you've got a comprehensive suite of unit tests, but how do you know your tests are reliable? You don't, unless you're using tUnit, my new test-testing framework
    Adam Baum
  • I Know Something You Don't Know: There are some really cool "bits" coming soon from Microsoft, but I can't tell you about them because I'm under an NDA
    Biff Wellington
  • Good Riddance: Why all American developers but me are lazy slackers and deserve to have their jobs "offshored"
    Donny Brook
  • I'm an MVP: Hey, did you know I'm an MVP?
    Chuck U. Farley, MVP
  • Master of Your Own Domain Specific Language: Announcing a UPSW contest with a $100 prize!
    Jerry N. George
  • WTF?: What the CTP SDK doesn't tell you about WinFX, WCF, WF and WPF. What about SOA vs. DSL? LINQ, AJAX, WSE, SQL, XML, XHTML, TDD, REST, POX, VSTO, CRM, and TLAs? Find out PDQ!
    Chris P. Bacon: MVP, RD
  • Real Programmers: Real Programmers don't use weenie languages like VB or C#. Intellisense? Intellischmense! In my day, all we we had were ones and zeros, which we manipulated on the hard drive with a magnifying glass and a tiny magnet!
    Ferris Wheeler
  • I'm still an MVP: Did I mention that I'm an MVP?
    Chuck U. Farley, MVP
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