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My valentine will always be my dear and loving wife,
but there's another partner who brings joy into my life.

Before you came along, with charms that often IEnumerate,
I'd type a name, and then a "dot", then sit and wait...
and wait...
and wait...

The screen remained as empty as my heart before you, love,
but now, my dearest angel, you drop down from heav'n above
suggesting members, properties, and methods with such great sense
that we, like longtime lovers, finish one another's statements.

Though some may spurn and mock you, and cause tears to stain your font face,
I know that when I yearn for you, if I just press Control-Space,
there we'll be, just you and me, until life's dying embers.
I always will feel such a thrill when you expose your members.

For you, I'd throw a big parade with bands and floats and elephants,
and shout out loud for all to hear that "I love, you, IntelliSense!"

You complete me.

Posted on Monday, February 13, 2006 9:29 AM .NET | Back to top

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