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Well, sort of :)

Tonight we've officially launched the Enterprise editions of Windows Desktop Search and the MSN Search Toolbar.  Unlike the current consumer release, there are 2 seperate installs (one for WDS, one for MSN Toolbar).  Unfortunately, the consumer version won't be updated right away.  But we're working hard to deliver a new version for consumers that will upgrade the current “MSN Search Toolbar with WDS” package.  That way everyone can enjoy the latest and greatest we have to offer :) 

So what's new in the Enterprise release of WDS?

1)  First and foremost, this new version has been enabled for management via Group Policy and deployment via SMS.
2)  A lot of work was done to make sure that WDS meets the needs of IT administrators at even the largest of companies.
3)  WDS now features light-weight integration with Intranet search services (like SharePoint, or a Google appliance).
4)  This version of WDS can replace the “Search Companion” functionality on Windows XP, and provides UI for advanced search queries.
5)  Lots of bug fixes and improvements all around.


What's new in the Enterprise release of the MSN Search Toolbar?

1)  The Toolbar is now group-policy enabled just like WDS.
2)  It also features light-weight Intranet search integration.
3)  An enhanced Outlook bar provides optional integration of search results into the Outlook 2003 window if WDS is installed.
4)  Numerous enhancements to tabbed browsing and other functionality.

Both the WDS and MSN Toolbar teams have worked very hard to bring out this release.

There's a CNET article here and one on Yahoo News here.

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